Norwegian language and society for foreigners



The municipality shall provide immigrants with training in the Norwegian language  and in Norwegian society. The course in Norwegian society shall be given in a language that the participant understands. Norwegian training must be given in Norwegian. The objective is to give the immigrant the opportunity to obtain employment. Completion of the course is required in order to be granted a residential permit (permanent residence) and citizenship.
An individual plan shall be prepared for each participant and is to be based upon individual requirements.

Target group

Foreigners between 16 and 55 years who have a temporary residence permit or a work permit providing the right to permanent residence. (This includes asylum-seekers, refugees, work migrants and their family members, persons with a right to stay on humanitarian grounds, family reunification to such persons, and family reunification with Norwegian or Nordic citizens resident in Norway.)


Stay of residence or a work permit according to the Immigration Act which provides a basis for a residential permit.
Charges/Cost of the service
The service is free for persons aged 16–55 who have stay of residence or a work permit that provides a basis for a residential permit, apart from work immigrants and their family members. They have to pay for the course.

Practical information


Vestre Toten voksenopplæring
Postal address: 84, 2831 Raufoss
Visiting address Sigurd Østliens veg 4, Raufoss
Telephone: 61 15 39 60

Time taken to consider the application:

The municipality is obliged to provide a course in Norwegian and Norwegian society at the earliest opportunity, and no later than three months after an application for such training has been received.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

You may appeal a resolution on

  • allotment to a course
  • essential changes to the individual plan
  • that the course is curtailed
  • leave.

An appeal must be made within three weeks of notification of the decision..Explain why you are dissatisfied and why you consider that the decision should be changed. If you need assistance, you may ask the municipality. If the municipality upholds its decision, the matter is sent to the county governor, who will decide whether the appeal shall be allowed.

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