Basic education for adults



If you are above school age but need basic education, you have a right to this and may apply to attend a course. Education normally comprises those subjects you need in order to gain a school certificate showing that you have completed primary and lower secondary education. The course is designed to meet your particular needs. This includes the scope, period and time of the course. Adults are not placed in ordinary classes with children and adolescents.

Charges/Cost of the service

The course and course materials are free of charge.

Practical information


Vestre Toten voksenopplæring
Postal address: 84, 2831 Raufoss
Visiting address Sigurd Østliens veg 4, Raufoss
Telephone: 61 15 39 60

Time taken to consider the application

The municipality shall consider your application as soon as possible. If the matter cannot be determined within one month, you will be informed of this in writing with the reasons for the delay. At the same time you will be informed when you may expect to hear of the municipality’s decision.
Even though there is an individual right to education, the municipality must have reasonable time in order to prepare the programme. This implies that as an applicant you must accept that it can take some time before the course is established.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may appeal to the municipality within three weeks of having been informed. Explain why you are dissatisfied and why you feel the decision should be changed. If you need assistance, you may ask the municipality. If the municipality upholds its original decision, the matter is sent to the county governor who will determine whether the appeal can be accepted.

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